2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ

Our adventures with our 2005 Jeep Wrangler TJ named Inky. Some of you may know Inky as an 8-bit a pac-man ghost, and some of you may know Inky as the escaping New Zealand Octopus. Our logo combines both into our version of Jeep Inky.

Recent Updates

Update 2021-04-18

Took a rear tailgate mounted back rack system from a JK Wrangler series and modified it to fit onto the TJ tailgate. There's not a lot of choices for rear racks unless you have specific bumpers (which are missing other features). So I modified this JK one and installed it over the weekend. Its nice now we can carry the chainsaw, spare fuel, shovel, axe and etras on the outside as needed! Was a blast getting to do a project on the first nice day of 2021!

Update 2021-03-30

Transmission Rebuild complete! Sorry I dont have any pictures but the 42RLE Transmission was completely rebuilt with upgraded parts and a new aftermarket temp gauge from the pan. Updated a few images and links on the site, including new F250 photo, post Winch Install!

Update 2020-12-12

New pictures of Jeep Inky in its current state, older pose pictures were before many projects were done. Also minor updates to F-250 modifications page. New Winch/Bumper!

Update 2020-10-28

Lots of updates to the site past couple weeks as we've completed several projects. We've also overhauled the site a bit with some bootstrap to make it "hopefully" easier to navigate now that there is so many pages & links. Be sure to check out all the updates, including our rear storage buildout starting!

Update 2020-10-16

We've decided rather then putting a roof top tent system on a rack over the TJ, we would keep this vehicle using our camp tent and begin modifications in 2021 on our already highly modified 2008 Ford F-250 6.4l Diesel, to become an overlanding vehicle that is a home base and contains a pop-up tent system and all the necessary longer term camping gear. The F250 can easily tow the Jeep behind it. So for short jeep only trips we can use our existing tent, for longer base camped type trips we would take both vehicles. Plans to come and more details early next year on the F-250 Over-haul!! That'll be a fun project too.

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